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API Energy International Corporation LLC

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P.O.Box 31430, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Location : Al Ghurair Centre Key Personnel : Mohammed Asrar

Company Profile

API Energy Aiming for the best quality for all heating and cooling.

  • Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube , Gasketed plate, Brazed , Semi Welded, Full welded)
  • Chiller,Cooling Tower,Chilled water pump,Valves
  • Thermal storage system [TES TANK]
  • Domestic / Centralized hot water system,Steam system,-Boiler System,Solar System.
  • Cold Room.
  • Compressed Air Piping.
  • Generator fuel filling system.
  • Air Separators,Air Dirt Separators, Expansion Tanks
  • Strainers ,Duplex Strainers ,Basket Strainers,Suction Diffusers,

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