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Probus Engineering and Construction Pte Ltd (PEC)

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P.O.Box 34925, ADDAX Tower, Office No. 2001 City of Lights, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Key Personnel : Satyabhan Thakur - Head of Home Office Services

Company Profile

Probus Engineering and Construction Pte Ltd (PEC) has been operating under new leadership with the aim of expanding its Abu Dhabi footprint and re-entering other regional markets with a focus on the Oil and Gas OPEX market and infrastructural projects, working together with its Clients to deliver tailor-made EPC solutions for capacity/HSSE/other upgrades/modifications, both in the brownfield and greenfield environments as well as Maintenance (including SD/TR) based packages.

PEC is a fully ISO certified Company with PQs across all Abu Dhabi OPCOs and with a track record of delivery in both Abu Dhabi and Iraq.

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